Kiba Point

On ants, take 2

03 October 2010

I stand by my earlier comments about ants being fascinating...but they've got to go. The big thing at the moment is their endless search for water. Any hint of moisture and they rally the troops and invade. And we're talking efficient, all-out invasions, none of this minimum troop requirements nonsense.

They go after the faucets in the kitchens, the drainage pipes, puddles, cracks, whatever they can get to. One day soldier ants even created an elaborate ladder with their bodies for the worker ants to climb down to the main swimming pool to fetch water. They stayed far about 36 hours, and then moved on. The biggest problem is when they go after the pool filters and clog them. Or when they decide to terraform our pipes and fill them with dirt. Sometimes, I think just for kicks, they send expeditionary forces into our electrical outlets for bit of pillaging and maurading, wreaking havoc on the wires. But worst of all, from my perspective, are the ants that coming raining out of my shower head to latch onto my shoulders, my ears, whatever part of me they happen to land on. I mean, it's funny at first taking a proper bush shower with siafu (swahili for army ants), but it wears on you. And I think the ants are responsible for a blockage that prevents me from getting hot water.

The plumbing concerns are bad enough, but the siafu go out of their way to tease me. Half a dozen times guests have come to me to say that the ants are moving into their rooms. By the time I or the staff get to the room, the ants have disappeared. But they always make sure to present themselves as soon as the guests return.

Therefore, while the ants' success and prevalence used to be part of their charm, it is now my biggest source of frustration.

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