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One dollar for every metre climbed

05 November 2018

Some inspiration for those of you who like a good hike, and want to do some good along the way. Just last week we had four remarkable ladies in Tanzania on the trip of a lifetime, climbing Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Not only was this an incredible adventure for them, but their trip also had a huge impact for one of our Nomad Trust partners, Tanzanian Children's Fund (TCF).

These ladies used the challenge they had set themselves, to fundraise for TCF, one of our Trust partners from Entamanu Ngorongoro. In just one month, while they were busy preparing themselves for the climb, they also managed to raise over $7000 for TCF. Read what they had to say about themselves and what inspired this incredible trip.

“We are 4 girlfriends: Judith from Germany, Sharlyn from Sri Lanka, Victoria from UK and Amaia from Spain. 3 of us live in Singapore, and Amaia lives in Brazil. 2018 is a milestone birthday year for us (finally we all turned 30!) so we decided to fulfil one of our much talked about goals to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. To give our trip an extra special meaning, we decided to support a local Tanzanian charity. We are all mothers and believe strongly that the greatest gifts you can give a child are a safe, loving home, and a good education. That is why we chose to donate to TCF’s Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV) program, which matched perfectly our own ethos and values. We decided to climb 2 mountains, Meru as a training climb (4500m) which was extremely challenging given the weather: fog, rain and wind! But we made it and it prepared us well and gave us confidence for the even bigger climb Kilimanjaro. 4 days before our summit, there was a freak weather storm and 300 climbers were sent down. Our amazing guides Richard and Jackson from Amical travel company told us that the weather was ‘unpredictable’. After 5 days sleeping in tents and climbing in all sorts of weather, we finally summited on 30th October, and were rewarded with perfect blue skies in a heavenly winter wonderland at 5985m. For each step of the way we were spurred on by the knowledge that we were raising a dollar for every metre we climbed! In fact we exceeded it, before the climb we were at $7000 and we’re still counting. Exhausted, but exhilarated, we spent our last days of the trip with a visit to RVCV. We were impressed by the professionalism with which the program is run and the incredible spirit of community amongst the children and volunteers alike. It was really heartwarming to know that our fundraising and efforts were going to such a worthwhile cause to change the lives of 97 Tanzanian children. Our motto for this trip is #whatdoesntKILIyoumakesyoustronger!”

We at Nomad are extremely chuffed at the outcome of this trip, not just the achievement of reaching the top of two peaks, but also the generous donation to our partners. We're delighted that we are able to play an key role in this way, linking good people with good causes, and helping make a big difference. #MovingMountains

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