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One for the monkeys!!

12 October 2014

I'm quite certain that every safari camp manager has, at some stage, rued the day they ever decided to share a home with the cunning Vervet Monkey.

The first head guide we worked under (down in SA) had his mobile phone stolen from the breakfast table at our lodge. The little wind-up merchant looked down at said guide, while chewing his prized possession, before eventually losing interest in its flavour he proceded to release it straight down into a pond. As you can well imagine the gesticulating and cursing that punctuated this particular interaction can't really be repeated on this blog.

It is very difficult to keep primates wild, particularly when they are surrounded by lodges and guests. We go to great lengths to discourage them as should all people visiting Africa's wild places - PLEASE DON"T EVER FEED THE MONKEYS CHAPS!!

They are hugely entertaining when you take the time to watch them - there are some new babies in the troop near us this season and we got some lovely shots of them on the rocks last week.

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