Conservation & environment

Our First Conservation Internship

01 March 2018

We are thrilled to have successfully organised our first conservation internship, linking up two of our Nomad Trust partners, and bringing an exciting opportunity to ranger trained Ladislaus.

Ladislaus, one of the children supported by TCF in Karatu, has been given the chance to go down to Katavi and work for LCMO, getting his hands dirty designing waste management projects, assisting with the youth club activities & village film nights, and getting first hand experience of conservation work going on in another corner of Tanzania.

Ladislaus graduated from Ranger Collage, and longs to one day work in the safari world. As well as being a keen gardener and running little vegetable patches in the Rift Valley Children's Village, he also has a heart for conservation and community work. He is definitely our type of ranger!

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