Our first guests

06 June 2012

Our first guests, Bjorn and Katarina Mark arrived a few days ago to celebrate their honeymoon in style at Lamai. It was the moment when we walked into the lounge together and Katarina gasped at the spectacular beauty of the view, which instantly sent goosebumps all over me!! It was at this minute that I realized all our work over the last few days getting camp ready had paid off and that we were now ready to show off Lamai to the world!!

Gabriel, Kakae, Bjorn, Katarina and I all set off for our first drive after tea. It was a great afternoon with lots of stories and laughter as we drove through the bush keeping our eyes peeled for anything which may be sunbathing on the Kopjis.

As we drove towards the Mara River we spotted a beautiful Tawny Eagle on top of a dead tree right next to the road so we stopped to view her. Suddenly something else appeared in the picture and we soon noticed the male Tawny Eagle swoop down, landing right on top of her! We were amazed and didn't know if we should watch rudely or turn our heads away to give them privacy... but, we decided not to miss this and thus managed to capture some fantastic photographic material to prove their display of affection!

We then carried on towards a gorgeous rain storm up ahead and were soon stopped in our tracks when we saw the silhoette of a Leopard climbing down from a tree. Soo excited.. we fumbled for our cameras again and managed to get a lovely picture of the Leopard. Unfortunately, obviously still young, he was quite nervous and hurried away towards a group of unsuspecting Topi's.

Soon afterwards, a glass of white wine was enjoyed altogether toasting the fresh rays of the sun beaming through a beautiful dark thunder storm in the distance!

Ahhh.. could it be better than this?

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