Conservation & environment

Our Giant Pangolin Sighting

26 October 2017

Today I would like to present to you one of the most extraordinary sightings in our Greystoke Mahale history. On a typical day in Greystoke, our guides set off chimp trekking with guests from camp. But not far into their journey, the group came across a giant pangolin. The giant pangolin is even more rare than the ground pangolins that are found across the Savannah, lucky folk who get even this once in a lifetime encounter.

I tell you this have been one of my life goals and for years I have been trying to catch sight of these elusive creatures. I have even resorted to a camera trap, but still never had any luck. So you can imagine my delight to be told that one has been spotted not far from camp by our guests, but also my horror as I wasn’t there to witness it with my own eyes, as I was holding the fort back at camp. It seems these creatures will continue to haunt me, but at least now I know that they are out there and I will keep looking out for them. So my plight continues.

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