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Our New Home in the Selous

03 November 2013

A fresh start to our new lives in the Selous. We arrived to lush green everywhere we have settled in as if we had been here for years. We are in awe of our new home. Taking a leisurely cruise on the boat and seeing our home from the great Rufiji River for the first time showed the true beauty of our new home.

Our new home awaits you on the banks of the Rufiji.

Mornings we awake to beautiful views up river, incredible light beaming through onto the Rufiji. Sitting on the deck with a cup of steaming hot coffee and of course a faithful camera to capture every moment. A morning at Sand Rivers would not be complete with local Waterbuck gracing the morning light, bouncing and playing in joy after surviving another night in the wild.

The true locals of the Rufiji, we are lucky to share it with them.

Days brings something new each it cheeky monkeys steeling a bowl of sugar, young crocs hunting fish in-front of the lodge, the call of the African Fish Eagle echoing down river, hippos fiercely fighting for dominance of the Rufiji or the local water monitor scurrying through the undergrowth. Have a look at this fella relaxing in the sun, looks like a tough life.

Relaxing in the sun, I would suggest some sun block.

Evenings come to life with an amazing sunset down river. A great time and place to sit back, put your feet up and have a cold drink after a long day on the boat, in the car or on your feet. Sharing stories of your day with us and other guests is the easiest way to make new friends. We hope to see you all here at Sand Rivers Selous to share our wonderful new home with you.

Saying goodbye to a great day, made much easier by views like this.

See you soon,

Kate and Cam

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