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Out in the sticks

25 August 2013

This lodge is all about the wilderness we live in.Dining, dipping in the pool, relaxing in your room and nodding off after a day of bush adventures are all accompanied by a breathtaking vista of the mighty Rufiji river.
We could hear the sawing call of a leopard as he made his way past camp last night, the grunting of hippos and the whooping of hyenas are a nightly chorus during dinner. We were sitting up in bed excited about lasts nights leopard performance, as you can imagine, our guests were buzzing this morning! Sounds pretty wild hey??

Believe it or not we can trump it……..try this on for size.
You leave the lodge in the late afternoon on one of our open game-viewers. Once the temperature has cooled a little you hop off the car with your guide and strike out on foot.

Rounding a bend to come across our home away from home for the night. A fly camp is light weight with minimal impact on the environment it is set in – we literally put it up and take it down for each group, moving around our own carefully chosen sites throughout the season.

We’ve arrived for the sunset and it’s high time for a Gin and Tonic, ice cubes in the glass of course as there are certain ceremonies that need standing on, even out here. As darkness falls the camp fire we’re gathered around becomes a focal point, guests begin to whisper as the sounds around us spur on active imaginations.

Several people jump when Francis (our waiter) calls us to the table for dinner. Three courses under the stars… decedent.

Our tents shield you from the insects without obstructing the night sky – there are few places left in the world with such little light pollution and a clear night sky here is nothing short of breathtaking.

The first light brings birdsong and fresh brewed coffee – we head out on a morning walk with Hamadi to explore the surroundings we slept in, checking the tracks to find out exactly what those noises were last night. In his 23rd year as a ranger/scout Hamadi is a legend in the bush, it’s really a pleasure to follow him.

Fly camping may not be for everyone, it is an option we arrange for those interested. If you have the slightest inkling this may be for you, if you’re looking for adventure and a story you can dine out on for years to come then trust us – this is the real deal. We love it.

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