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Photo interns become teachers

27 May 2020

We run a very successful photography internship for young aspiring Tanzanian photographers and videographers.

They spend a week in one of our camps, under the guidance and mentorship of our partner Hans Ngoteya from TaWIMA who teaches them the art of capturing wildlife and wild places from behind a camera.

The aim with this project is to get Tanzanians to champion conservation within their own communities. Given the current crisis we were delighted when Hans shared his latest project with us; a series of wildlife information films, narrated in Swahili, designed to get local communities engaged and interested in conservation.

We're facing a crisis across Africa as the toursim industry battles through the pandemic. Without employment and funding for local communities they may very well be forced to turn to poaching and habitat encroachment to provide for their families. Our funds have been set up to help support them financially through the crisis, and lessons like these, we hope, will inspire them to keep our wildlife safe until we can all be back out there.

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