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Nomad photography internship arrives in the Serengeti

16 April 2019

At Nomad we are always looking for new ways to maximising our presence in Tanzania for good, and using our camps as platforms for community support, conservation programs, and learning opportunities is one way we do this.

Our latest initiative is a photography & videography internship, giving aspiring Tanzanian photographers the chance to develop skills and passions through a photo mentorship based at our camps and around the National Parks we are lucky enough to call home.

Not only is this an opportunity to gain skills related to the art of wildlife and camp photography, but also an incredible opportunity for these budding photographers to spend some time in some of the most pristine wild corners of their home. The intern spends a week in a Nomad camp, developing the knowledge and skills by learning on the job and under the supervisions of mentors Hans and Vanessa Ngoteya. So far we have run three successful Photography Internship trips in the Selous, the Serengeti and Katavi National Parks.

One of the participants of this program, Fahad, just got back from this internship and has written to us saying just how much this opportunity has meant to him, and what an impact it has had. " Am lost of words to express my gratitude to you guys for an amazing week of experience full of knowledge, ideas, laughter and so many great memories. I have learnt a lot and am thankful for sharing all the things you did on this entire trip, wish we could stay longer so that we could learn more but sadly we had to come to an end of the program. Going forward I hope you guys (Hans & Vanessa) and Nomad Tanzania will keep on this great platform to inspire, educate and influence Tanzanian content creators to major in this field of travel and wildlife photography and content creations. On my side I will use the knowledge of Photography and film making to create content that will promote the beauty of my Tanzania, share it with my fellow content creators to inspire them and trigger them to venture in this field too. To Nomad Tanzania, the value you have brought to us is an explainable and am impressed on how you have handled this whole internship program. From Serengeti Safari Camp I felt like I am a guest and valued same way like everyone else in the camp site. Looking forward to meeting the team behind the success of Nomad Tanzania in one of these days. Fahad!”

We are super proud of these guys, and are pretty impressed with the standard of photos and videos that have come out of this project so far.

To see the groups wildlife photos - visit our Facebook Album - Photography Internships

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