Pimbi Tales

28 December 2011

Can we tell you a little more about these incredibly interesting Rock Hyraxes? Active and social, these fascinating creatures really can make your day!

Known as ‘Pimbi’ in Kiswahili, our office and surrounding rocks are ‘home’ to an interesting Hyrax family. Being so close to them now, it almost seems as we have become part of their daily dynamics too.

As our day starts, usually we find the dominant Hyrax male chasing other peripheral males around the office veranda - jumping, running and screaming.

Normal routine in Pimbi life it seems, as other family members appear on different rocks and branches around us and join us as spectators of the scene. Usually after a few successful chases the male is happy and a calm falls back over the group, resting until further notice.

By the afternoon it’s feeding time! Hyrax forage communal although a number of family members are used as sentries, keeping others safe by looking out for potential danger.

To the family’s advantage, the new grasses around the office are ideally close to shelter and are ever green and lush. Hyrax feeding times are kept really short as possible to keep exposure to predators to a minimum.

After a long day it’s time for some more resting. As family members digest their meals, they tend to come and rest at the office veranda.

Stretching, resting and sun bathing in relative safety, young ones are running under office building!

Really – there is something to these little ones. Lamai Serengeti seems a good place to catch Pimbi Fever!!

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