Pimu asks for forgiveness

07 December 2010

By Mwiga Mambo, Tracker - Greystoke Mahale

It was my first morning in the forest since I got back to Mahale from my off-days. We set off trekking for the chimpanzees heading south of Greystoke Camp and we saw the chimpanzees just about coming to drink water from the lake. A large part of the community was sitting down and playing.

It is known that chimpanzees, if they have had enough to eat, enjoy resting and playing as man does. Chimpanzees some times look like they are dancing with one another, babies and mothers, sisters or brothers.

Among the group of chimps we saw this time was Pimu and Kalunde and they looked happy, smiling at one another as if they had a very funny storey. This is something new for Pimu who is normally worried about looking tough in order to keep his Alpha male status. And not only was Kalunde looking happy even the other chimpanzees looked happy to be with Pimu.

Pimu is generally disliked by the other members of the M community since he became the King or Alpha male. He is always misbehaving when in the group and showing the aggressive characteristics of a chimpanzee. His attack on his mother was a good example of this misbehavior, and he likes fighting all the time. Ever since Pimu became the boss, all the community has not been happy in his company, they dont even want to sit close to him at all. Maybe Pimu has finally matured and this day was asking forgiveness from Kalunde who is the wise old Chimp and king maker of the community. Will Kalunde and the M community forgive Pimu?

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