Pimu’s Legacy

05 October 2011

Yesterday our guests waited patiently for news of the Chimpanzees. Our trackers normally rely on the load vocals of the Chimps to locate them. The forest was unusually quite. In the end some guests decided to go for a forest walk while others just relaxed around camp. Our trackers were still looking at 3pm, no news.

At about this time Kiri left our office at the back of camp and as she got to the bottom of the stairs she saw several Chimpanzees. Kiri quickly called me and we rounded up all the guests. It was Christina and baby, Gwekulo, Puffy, Qanat and Quilt, all girls.

It seems that after the recent conflict the community has separated into friend and family units spread out within their territory.

Pimu’s legacy is the 12 healthy under 3-year-old's born during his reign as Alpha male. It’s great to see Christina's baby doing well.

Today our trackers have found big males in the southern part of their territory, I'm looking forward to hearing the news. Has Kalunde decided Primus should take over and live up to his name, will Alofu be content to resume his beta male position?

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