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Political shenanigans amongst the Mahale Alpha males

09 September 2014

The males of M-community rise and fall from power regularly. Threatening displays, dominance of others and shows of strength are important parts of each day in the forest here. Only the strongest will survive. High ranking males have privilages over food and mating rights, strengthening them further. Lately we've witnessed Darwin lose his number three position. It could be temporary but we will see in time. Orion, previous number 4 seems to have risen to Darwin's former number 3 spot. Michio, still a teenager has been in on the action and Darwin has retreated lately after several beatings, choosing to stay well out of the way of the younger rivals. Also in the forest lately we've witnessed Primus playing with a group of youngsters, showing his softer side and presence of a heart. Alofu, (number 2) and Primus spend time grooming and showing respect to one another. They realise the threat from the youngsters rising to full strength. An alliance is vital to maintain order and to ensure the safety and preservation of all community members for a calm existance with a responsible, experienced leadership.

Alpha male Primus grooms Alofu, current number 2

The famous Mahale Handshake in action

Carter takes a drink from the Lubulungu river

Alofu, how long will he retain his number 2 ranking with the youngsters growing stronger?

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