Primus returns, the fight for Alpha male.

11 October 2011

As I sit here writing the Chimpanzee’s are screaming not far from my office. There is turmoil within the community after Pimu’s death and due to the return of Primus who is challenging for the number one position in the group.

Two days ago the Japanese researchers found the Chimpanzees and were surprised to see young Primus leading the group with no sight of Alofu. Primus had a bad cut on his hand from his battle with Pimu but otherwise looked healthy.

It seems the two contenders are playing a game of cat and mouse, each one nervous in the others company.

Later that afternoon two Chimpanzees walked into camp, it was Alofu and Effie. While in camp Effie was constantly hugging Alofu, she looked very nervous.

It’s only a matter of time before the two males have to meet. We know that Primus is a stronger Chimpanzee but it’s not all about strength, the question is who will Kalunde, ‘The King maker’ support? Will Alofu be happy slotting back into the beta position?

Effie clinging to Alofu's back as they leave camp.

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