Raging river or hungry lion?

13 September 2011

The northern Serengeti honestly is at its very best right now. Continuous heavy rainfall has turned the whole northern Serengeti into a bright green haven for game. Although food is plentiful for all animals, the rainfall poses other challenges. The Mara river is so swollen that many wildebeests face huge challenges crossing it, many of them not making it to the other side.

Maria and Nestor Gallione shot these great pictures on the Mara river banks yesterday. The green back ground, the massive amounts of water in the river and wildebeests trying to cross all adds up to a great sight. And what about the lion waiting at the river bank, ready to welcome the wildebeest? Hiding behind a far too small bush the lion didn’t attack in the end, but the scene looks amazing.

Can’t wait to get out there again!

Pictures courtesy of Maria and Nestor Gallione

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