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Lion Landscapes and The Ruaha Carnivore Project Merge

11 July 2021

Ruaha Carnivore Project and the Lion Landscapes have joined forces in an effort to buildmore collaborative conservation, scaling up efforts to stop the loss of wildlife, reduce the cost of living with large carnivores and unlock the value of wildlife to local people. [untitled image] Moving forwards together as Lion Landscapes. Photo by Solomon Opodo Why did they merge? Over the past year, Lion Landscapes and the Ruaha Carnivore Project have been collaborating and working together ever more closely to standardise and scale up their approaches across sites. The more they collaborated, the more they realised there was a huge opportunity for them to combine forces, become more efficient and increase their conservation impact. There really is no time to waste: lions and many other species are declining very quickly, while conservation often fails to truly benefit or empower local people. They are excited to bring together all their combined expertise, knowledge and partnerships, to help build a better future of more effective, equitable conservation.

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