Conservation & environment

RCP update

05 June 2020

We have supported the vital work of the Ruaha Carnivore Project for many years, and have recently used some of our conservation fund to support two 'Lion Defenders' to continuously monitor and protect a 100km2 area for a whole month.

The Lion Defenders have a critical role as they track the movement of lions and other large carnivores across the Ruaha ecosystem. Most importantly, their role involves engaging local communities in their work, ensuring that they mitigate and respond to any human-wildlife conflict and support communities who agree to protect lions moving through their area. It's vital that these communities, mainly pastoralists, feel the benefit of conserving wildlife and carnivores and Ruaha Carnivore Project has done amazing work establishing predator-proof 'boma' (enclosure) programs and scholarships for young local children.

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