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Rift Valley Road Trip

21 September 2017

Wiggling my way up and over the Rift Valley, passing local coffee farms, and leaving dusty tracks behind me, last week we paid a visit to the Rift Valley Children’s Village.

It was great to see TCF's project firsthand and witness the wonderful work they are going for their 97 children, as well as the nearby community.

They have an open door for people in the local area to come and get checked up by their resident nurse; run a micro-finance program and women’s group to promote small business initiatives; and make sure that the children in their care benefit from educational, health, and emotional support on a day-to-day basis.

These results speak for themselves.

The house mamas are an essential part of the RVCV, caring for these at-risk children, and making sure that each and every one of them has a natural and nutruring home environemnt. Dont let these big smiles fool you, a lot of hard work goes in from all involved to make this children's village a home.

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