Rock - 1 Nomad - 0: the art of bush ingenuity

24 January 2011

Building on top of a rock kopje has taught us many things, not least of which how to deal with the odd stray rock that gets somewhat in the way. Not that we want to move them, oh no. A rock is a rock on top of a giant pile of rocks, and as such has its place right where we found it...not 6 feet to the left. We understood completely the challenges involved in setting up camp here, and with stout hearts declared that we were ready for anything. And so it goes...

But sometimes a rock can come out of nowhere and take us by surprise.

This is our Lamai main camp swimming pool, a work in progress that will ultimately offer our guests a swim with a view, glass of wine in hand as they cool off during a hot afternoon. But what our camp builder wasn't expecting to find, as he dug deeper uncovering more and more soil, was a giant boulder right in the midst of our would-be watery creation. Good diving platform perhaps, natural bar stool maybe?

Not to be outdone, as this was a rock we hadn't intended to feature with such prominence, we came up with a cunning plan which involved digging a hole below and around the rock and watching with interest as slowly it got lower and lower, disappearing below the surface. Hard work for sure, but our rock sensibilities are safe in the knowledge that it has moved not a foot to either side of where it has lain for perhaps thousands of years.

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