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Rocket Stoves

05 October 2012

It is brilliant to have Kristen and Mark back in Chada, Kristen has been out in the field with Michael building more rocket stoves.

Above is a picture of Augenia's old stove. Below a picture of her new stove.

Augenia's husband is completely blind and they have 9 children! Two of those children have at some point fallen in the cooking fire and burned themselves. And Augenia has to take care of all of these children and the father, but is currently spending an hour each day collecting firewood. As Kristen says "it was very easy to feel good about what we were doing and we had quite a few other people from the community come out to watch or help, including two ladies for whom we’ve already built stoves, so that was really fun."

Rocket stoves are a hugely sustainable project as they are so cheap and easy to build. Each stove costs 2,000 shillings (just over $1 at today's exchange rate) for 20 bricks and the family supplies the cow dung and the soil (we bring ashes, water and sand from Chada) and that’s all that is needed to build something that positively impacts their every day lives, as well as reduces deforestation.

Kristen making Juma's stove.

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