Rocks that grow trees

18 July 2011

Littered with huge granite boulders, there is something pretty special happening on our koppie. This time it’s not about animals or romance – it’s about trees that wrestle with boulders.

Whereas the Serengeti plains that lay downwind of our only active volcano in the area, are mostly barren and treeless, it's places like here, where tree roots find the little fertile ground they need to grow. Lacking the thick layers of volcanic ash of the plains that with the rains turn into rockhard cement, trees take their chance and grow their seeds especially around and under the ancient granite rocks.

This is a place where trees take on massive stones that lay in their way. Having an argument over that the fertile earth that surrounds the rocks, the results are absolutely amazing. And there they grow – straight through, around or all over – headed for the sun!

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