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Romance at sundown……..with cavorting cats!

16 October 2013

It was the eighth of October. I know this as it was Jana’s birthday and although our current residence is remote enough to save me and the credit card from a shopping trip, dinner out, ludicrously expensive wine followed by months of poverty - we can still celebrate.

With the guests departing on boats and walks, I took the opportunity, located the cider (not the expensive wine, I know, but still a favorite), commandeered a Land Rover and whisked her off into the bush.

Lake Makubi lies hidden by woodland and palm thicket north east of Sand Rivers, it’s the perfect place to switch off the engine and just wait and see – we got lucky (as did this male Lion).

In that 40 minute window of golden evening light this honeymoon pair appeared, ignoring us and everything else they continued with the schedule – about once every twenty minutes for up to three days (it’s enough to make your eyes water!).

Their presence set the impalas off barking and snorting in the background, clearly not convinced that the predator’s were completely “otherwise engaged”. To be fair to the antelope fraternity it is surely better to air on the side of caution with the big cats, none the less the lions didn’t even glance in their direction.

You probably won’t believe me but this time last year we took another birthday drive, same time, same date about 200 km north east of here……….the exact same thing happened! I recall the brand of cider was different but the effect on the lions was much the same!

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