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Safari Siesta

18 December 2015

The quintessential afternoon activity whilst on Safari is the 'Siesta'. The hot African sun at midday bakes the earth sending temperatures soaring, so this really means no other option tham to find a cool spot with a light breeze and get some shut-eye. Here on Lake Tanganyika our cousins have a very similar approach to facing the heat or just a full belly.

A good option, especially now that the rains have come and the ground is wet, would be to build a nest. All Chimps do this every evening but during the day for a Siesta it is not a priority. But a few folded branches in the right fashion makes for a comfy bed worth protecting.

Of course not everyone builds the perfect nest and some extra support is needed to keep oneself up in the trees.

Once the nest is perfectly made, pulling funny faces at your friends on the wet ground is a must, just to show off a little bit.

But the ground is suitably comfortable for most, Michio here shows how to make the most of nothing.

A mere yawn is enough to ward off anyone thinking you are vulnerable having a nap on the floor, Alofu shows off his fearsome teeth, I couldn't helping yawning myself.

Orion too doesn't mind a quick nap on the floor, maybe he finds it more comfy on his belly.

You might expect the Alpha Male, Primus, to have a nest prepared for him by one of his cronies, but no he doesn't mind the long as he has a few others tending to his other needs, see below.

Making the most out of nothing, a tree makes a very good head rest, keeping eyes to the tree tops to plan the next fruit raid or colobus hunt.

A meagre branch will do the trick if the floor is too wet and building a nest is too much to ask.

Sometimes that perfect fork in the tree just begs for a nap, even if only for a few minutes of shut-eye.

Of course it is never as easy for mothers, little ones know nothing of the importance of a nap, much the same as our children play time is all the time and mom is always kept up to make sure the little ones don't wonder too far. Puffy has definitely got her hands full with that cheeky little face.

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