Sand Rivers

Sand Rivers - my new favourite place on earth

27 April 2011

Lauren Scott - Nomad's PR in New York

The Selous.

Or as I now refer to it, My New Favourite Place On Earth.

I had been especially excited to visit Sand Rivers and was thoroughly enjoying William Boyd’s Ice Cream War (set on the banks of the Rufiji) in the week preceding our trip, but nothing and no one could have prepared me for how totally, mind-blowingly beautiful and wild the Selous is, or how it would take only 48 hours to fall head over heels in love with it.

I knew I was going to love the area from the moment we touched down on the airstrip. I knew I was going to love Sand Rivers from the second I walked into the camp. But when I saw my room, suite one, that is when I threatened never to leave. And this was all before the sundowner on Lizzy’s hill, the breakfast on the river and the day in which we saw leopard, buffalo, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, and monkeys in under ten minutes.

It was an amazing treat it was to spend time there – especially during the wet season. Sand Rivers best kept secret is quite how wonderful it is in the wet season. Teaming with wildlife and bursting with green-this really is the Garden of Eden.

For all of you planning a visit a) I am hugely envious and can’t get back there soon enough and b) Ice Cream War is on the bookshelf there!

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