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Say hello to these beauties.

28 August 2015

At Lamai we are fortunate to have a few male and female leopards in the area, these elusive and near threatened cats are wonderful to watch as they laze about on the rocks and in trees. They remind me of house cats, however petting is unfortunately not allowed and generally not a good idea. They are opportunistic predators, very strong and smart – males can weigh as much as 90kg, so beware!!

At Lamai on the Kopje we have two resident females and we often hear them in the evenings. Their grunts sounds like a carpenter sawing a big piece of wood, a way of letting everyone know they are around. ‘Our’ two females are very shy and to date we have not actually seen them, just tracks on the paths in the mornings. One large and the other considerably smaller, we assume it is a mother with her cub.

Experiencing this part of Africa and its diverse and abundant wildlife is a real treat.

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