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Say What…?!

22 November 2013

Going on a safari is an amazing experience, the visual effect is generally what sticks in your mind. But when you start to listen to what you and others are actually saying in the safari car, boat or your own two feet you actually start to wonder how many people have actually strung those words together before. These are a couple of our favorites heard recently at Sand Rivers...

'Look at that bird on the rock...that's not a rock, its a Hippo!'

'I'm sure that Lioness just winked at me'

'That Pig is just so graceful'

'That Croc just jumped off a cliff'

'I don't care what anybody says...Baboons are my favorite'

'Wouldn't it be nice if a Leopard was just ahead of us sitting in the tree...ooooh look a leopard!'

A few more expressions have been heard without photographic evidence, so we will leave the rest of the space blank for your imagination and wait for you to come visit us letting you connect a few words that are not normally heard next to one another.

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