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Seasonal gardening tips from the Northern Serengeti

11 December 2013

Good morning's time for our handy hints for the indigenous Savannah gardener.

With the short rains providing their daily sprinkling, you may also be viewing a sudden growth spurt in this blooming season!

As the trees and grasses spring to life things can get a little labour intensive and, lets face it, weeding can be such a bore. We love that our lodge blends into it's surroundings (we should win the award for that - seriously no one else comes close when it comes to camouflage) but we'd rather it didn't disappear entirely!

If you`re suffering the same and your snippers just can't keep up, then do what we do, and invite a host of pachyderms for tea.

Nature's landscape architects - no job is too big for a heard peckish Elephants.

Attention to detail is a signature of the firm - no pot goes un checked (or tasted)......

and they'll make certain that your archways and pathways....

meet with the Loxidonta standards of strength and measure.

They're dedicated,


and they will deliver the bill direct to your office.

Thanks team, till next time.

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