Seeing is believing!

28 January 2012

Some things you have to indeed see in order to believe it. So let me take you back in time a little, to December 4th, 2011 to be precise.

With the Festive season on the horizon, a group of four guest made it to camp. Introduced as Kevin, Kathy, Aaron and Monica we quickly figured out they had the most awesome safari already. And they had only made their way to Lamai Serengeti from the airstrip...!

Seeing leopard on most of their game drives, they had a thrilling experience. As most leopards are shy and elusive, some of them can be pretty investigating too. When they told us the story of the leopard cub approaching their vehicle we surely thought it wasn't THAT close. Wow!

And what about this one? A leopard observing the Lamai Serengeti rooms from his rock.

So sometimes you just have to wait with blogging! Would anyone have believed this?

To Kevin, Kathy, Aaron and Monica many thanks to all four of you of sending these great pictures. And sharing these great dinners together!

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