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Serengeti a photographers paradise

09 June 2013

There is a good reason the Serengeti attracts all the top wildlife photographers each year, just check their facebook pages and most of them are already gearing up for their annual trip or workshop to see the migration, many of them will come to our Lamai area in the north of the Serengeti in hope of seeing a crossing, which is one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see, it has been coined as a rite of passage that must be experienced. The Wildebeest will arrive in this area in about a month, then the crossings will begin, many will die from the fall, many will die at the jaws of the giant Crocodiles that are waiting for them as they cross the Mara river, but most will survive and continue their endless journey around the Serengeti ecosystem, welcome to a photographers paradise.

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