Serengeti Safari Camp

Serengeti Migration Update

08 January 2013

The migration is spread all over the plains, from Makao all the way to the kusini woodlands, from Endulen all the way to our current Serengeti Safari Camp site, and well scattered all the way from Ndutu to Loliondo. Some of our Nomad guides saw the wild dogs near Kusini on the edge of the woodlands, and on the plains to Makao recently. It’s a pack of around 11, and 3 appeared to have collars so are being monitored. Nomad guide, Richard Knocker also saw a zorilla during his safari in December in Piyaya, southern Loliondo, and a few lucky folk have spotted (‘scuse the pun) cheetah…so it’s not all about the wildebeest.

Happy New Year and hoping for some early calving to make for some very happy people…

For a reminder on where the migration is at different times of the year, and what to expect in terms of experience consult our very helpful Guide to the Migration.

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