Serengeti Safari Camp

Serengeti Migration Update 2

01 March 2012

February has been very dry in the Serengeti, with just a few showers that have not stimulated that much needed green flush of grass in the Ndutu short grass plains. As a result, the herds have been very dispersed; some heading into the Central Serengeti while others have disappeared into the Hidden Valley and Maswa. Visitors to the park have often had to drive out all day in search of the herds and some have very sadly been disappointed, although that said, the cats around the Ndutu area have been out in force and we've had some great cheetah and lion sightings, so it's by no means all bad "gnus". It really is a reminder that there is no sure thing in nature. The good news is that the rains are falling again around Ndutu and up in the Lamai area. Our guides tell us that the wildebeest are trickling in and starting to re-group. Fingers crossed they now follow their well-trodden routes so we can be there with front row seats!

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