Serengeti Safari Camp

Serengeti Migration Update

11 March 2012

Well, it's all happening in the Serengeti, you'll be pleased to hear. The rains have returned and with them, the wild-beasties have come flooding back into Ndutu. Our Nomad guides report that they're everywhere, all over the place, wall-to-wall wildebeest...totally amazing and full, full, full. Which is just the way we like it frankly.

If you want specifics, you'll find herds around Naabi/Ndutu/Triangle/Masek and the plains.

They've not yet reached Nduara though but there has been substantial rain there recently, so they should be heading in that direction.'s just nail-biting stuff. Keep an eye on the blog for more updates and we'll try and post photos soon.

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