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Short finals at Kuro…a peek behind the scenes

10 June 2014

More often than not, when you're thinking about a holiday, you're looking at glossy brochures and web-sites full of staged pictures, artfully captured to show you the utmost polished safari experience. Well, I thought it might be fun for you to see what goes into creating a camp since we'll be opening our newest property, Kuro Tarangire, in a few days, here's a preview of it in the making.

The original sketch of the mess by Jo Cooke, the designer of Lamai Serengeti

Builder, Keith, scratches his head and wonders how he's going to transform this piece of bush to that lovely structure!

Fortunately he's a clever chap, and very industrious, so we quickly see progress!

Keith and Nomad MD, John Corse, review the work....which they take very seriously!

The inside of the mess takes shape...the floors will be covered with woven palm matting so won't be quite this good for disco dancing sadly.

And just about ready...amazing to think this will all disappear at the end of the season!

Now it just remains for Jo to come and work her magic with the interiors! We look forward to showing you the spangly pictures in a few weeks, and welcoming you to our new little patch of paradise soon.

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