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Shouldn’t be long now…

22 January 2018

No calves yet, but it shouldn't be long before we see some around.

Lots of big bellies among the wildebeest and we are all on standby to see when the first calves will make an appearance.

Some inside info on these mamas-to-be, unlike humans, wildebeest don’t really have a due date and are a little more in control of this feat of nature. Wildebeest usually wait until there is a good amount of rain around which ensures more grass and minerals that are crucial for the lactating mothers. But as is often the case in nature, it is a delicate balance and too much rain could put the wildebeest off from giving birth too early, as the mud and floods would be a risk to their new born calves. The expectant wildebeests avoid stagnant places, and too much mud which can cause bacterial infection in hooves of them and their little ones. The ideal birthing spots are areas with hard ground, like the Lemuta Hills and Gol Mountains and Nogorongoro highlands.

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