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Slippery Slithering Serpents

18 November 2017

Occasionally we will come across a snake at Lamai, luckily, they tend to avoid us. In two years Helen and I have seen 6 snakes, so they are really quite shy and there is no need to worry about them if you are on a safari. A sighting does cause some excitement! The key is not to panic ��

One of our crew, Ibra, used to work at the snake park in Arusha and serves as our expert snake wrangler. Whenever a snake is spotted Ibra comes to the rescue, catching and relocating it a good distance from camp. Snakes are territorial and we prefer they take up residence elsewhere… If guests are willing we will have a little show and tell, allowing for a better understanding of our slippery slithering friends.

The included pictures are of a Tiger Snake, a White Lipped Snake, a Rock Python and a Black Spitting Cobra; one of which is venomous.

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