Sand Rivers

Some dreams do come true!

30 January 2013

Recently we have been blessed with some fantastic wild dog sightings in Sand Rivers, capturing a sight of one of these endangered carnivores is definitely a highlight of an African safari! They are rarely skittish even in the more remote parks and parts of Africa, making for great observations of these most fascinating and beautiful creatures.

John and Ursula Mihopulos recently came tovisit us, one of John's lifelong dreams has been to see wild dogs and he was not disappointed when he came to Sand Rivers! After 3 nights in another part of the reserve, he and Ursula came to join us in Sand Rivers for another 3 nights, the afternoon they arrived we were greeted by the heavens with one of the most spectacular rain storms of the season, but this did not deter them as they duly left on their afternoon game drive in pursuit of the dogs. To our delight, after only 15 minutes their guide Mussa radioed in with the news that they had found the dogs in our 'garden,' an open area close to the camp which resembles an English country garden, until a giraffe or an elephant pops up, or in this case wild dogs on the hunt! Mussa and his guests watched on as the dogs ran down an impala and ate their kill within meters of the landrover!

The dogs were also recently spotted chasing a leopard up a tree not far from camp!

With thanks to John Mihopulos for this photo.

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