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Special Delivery

07 August 2017

Several hundred water bottles made the trip from our Arusha office to Katumbi, a small village just outside the Mahale Mountains National Park. These bottles have been on quite a journey making their way to our partner school in Katumbi. From plane to boat, they eventually reached dry land and were met by the school children themselves who came to collect them at the shore, and carry them the short distance to their school.

Despite living next to Lake Tanganyika, with the lack of water infrastructure and expertise, the village suffers from water problems and the hygiene and health issues that follow. Our Nomad water bottles may be a drop in the ocean at this stage, but we are working together with our partner ‘Pencils for Hope’ to try and find more lasting solutions.

For now the students proudly pack their water bottles in their school bags, knowing that they won't have to worry about going thirsty in the classroom again.

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