Speed seems to be a good thing in the Serengeti

23 November 2011

Isn’t it always like that? As you rush your way down to somewhere, you run in to something special? It’s on these moments that you decide that a 10 minute delay might be not that bad right? As we drove down to Kogatende airstrip to be in time for a resupply flight, all of a sudden we came across this beauty of a leopard.

Sitting on a rock in a kopje just down the road from camp, this cat was digesting a delicious topi. Not that you can tell that by his position, but as we observed the cat for a while it came down andstarted playing around with the only part of his meal that was still left: the topi leg. Picking it up and throwing it into the distance the cat ran after it over again and obviously enjoyed the triumph he made.

That’s why we always advise people to leave with lots of time. And it’s those moments you usually don’t spot a thing right... Ironic?

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