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28 February 2018

This creature is the Mwanza flat-headed rock Agama and is one of the most beautiful lizards I have ever seen. The males are much more brightly colored than the females, and this plays a big role when mating. Due to its color, it has been nicknamed the Spiderman Agama, due to his resemblance to the comic book super hero. Even though they can be found on the international pet trade, they are of “least concern” and unlikely that any trade is impacting this species.

(Mwanza flat-headed rock Agama or Spiderman Agama)

(These lizards can run on their hind legs only if they need be)

(Agamas mainly eat insects although they will also eat grass seeds and berries too)

Males are very territorial and will do a number is displays to try ward off any rival males. If need be, males will fight and some may even lose their tails during the process. They hold a small territory in which a male may have up to six females within to mate with.

(females are much smaller and duller than the males)

(Juvenile male within the territory of an adult male)

The male photographed in this blog lives very close to our office and it’s such a pleasure to see him every day.

Any ideas what name we can give him? We were thinking Peter Parker!

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