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Spotlight on Rumas

05 September 2020

Spotlight on Rumas, our 'ilchokuti' or lion guardian from Entamanu Ngorongoro. Here's a note on Rumas from KopeLion in their latest newsletter.

'Rumas Olelekipa is hugely popular in his community. He is known as a hard worker and based in the Ndepes zone on the north western side of the Crater he's kept busy by the recent lion activity in this area. Rumas's work is sponsored by Nomad's Entamanu Ngorongoro and he stops by, when he can, to update them on the lions and his conflict mitigation work; warning herders about lion presence, looking for lost livestock and treating injured animals. In 2019 Rumas reported 137 sightings of lion, and tended to 79 animals wounded by predators.'

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