Staff Scold Manager!

03 January 2011

One of the Chada managers has been reprimanded by one of the Chada housekeepers. It wasn't Kristen, so...

Monkeys got into the kitchen and ate most of the only paw paw we had left. There is a rule at Chada camp that the kitchen door must be latched at all times to prevent monkey invasions. Housekeepers also spend some time working in the kitchen because they prepare coffee and tea boxes for wake-up calls. This is why Tano, housekeeper extraordinaire, walked into the kitchen, to clean some tea cups, only to find a monkey sitting on the shelf, feasting.

Then he went on a tirade about keeping the doors latched, and Kristen showed up and then I showed up and they all looked at me, as the last one to have been in the kitchen. Then Kristen started chasing me with a broom and we let Tano scold away at me, which is funny to watch because he was actually frowning. No idea why this bothered him so much. It's not as if the paw paw was for him, anyway.

Here's a look at my antagonist. Don't be fooled by that friendly smile. He's quite dangerous.

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