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Sugar, soap, and some sanitary pads

25 December 2020

Its December again, and sadly that is not a time of joy for everyone. Over in Mugumu, it is the ‘cutting season’ where a lot of illegal FGM ceremonies still take place. Rhobi and her team work around the clock to try and deter these practices and are ever more vigilant this month where they usually have a lot more cases to deal with.

Although they are seeing success in their activities preventing against female circumcision, and their educational campaigns throughout the year, they still had new girls into their centre this month.

This month they have taken in 57 new girls into their home.

As we do every year, we sent down extra food supplies to help them cope with their increased number of girls in their care.

We also sent down packs of knickers and reusable sanitary pads as the majority of these girls have started puberty.

Managing your menstruation in rural villages is tricky, and as a result many girls choose to stop going to school when they are on their period as they just don’t have the resources to go to school and comfortably and hygienically manage their periods in a their school setting.

Not only are sanitary pads a luxury for many girls, disposable ones are also not environmentally friendly.

So we hope that these new ‘Salama Pads’ work well for the girls at Hope Centre.

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