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Tagalala pride - all grown up.

04 October 2018

This incredible pride with three lionesses and cubs are really part of the family at Sand Rivers Selous. This is their story.

Once upon a time three strong mothers had eight of the sweetest little cubs. Previous managers Eric and Natasha loved meeting these little bundles, and tried to get out of camp as often as possible to check on their progress. Eight cubs is a lot of work for a pride, and they knew it was probably fairly unlikely that all eight would survive. Three years on, and what an amazing sight it is to come across this pride, and see all eight cubs not only still with us, but absolutely thriving.

Watching these chaps grow up and being able to look back at pics taken by Eric and Tash of them as youngsters has been an immense privilege. Through their naughty teenager years, following the steps of their mothers, in their territory surrounding the Lake Tagalala our guides were always so delighted to see them out and about learning about life in the bush. Now all of them are part of the hunt and feast of the pride, stronger, confident, giving rise to a new era of the Tagalala Pride - and they’ll be a serious force to be reckoned with.

With their brilliant mothers leading the way, no doubt very proud of those amazing little survivors, the Tagalala Pride has got a long way ahead and we can’t wait to be a part of it.

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