Enhancing Lives

Teachers House-Katumbi, Mahale

12 November 2012

The amazing Nigel and Nicki Palmer have just donated over $8000 towards building a teachers house at Katumbi Primary School. The school has over 700 students and just 4 teachers! That means a teacher student ratio of: 1:175! I had a long talk to the village council and villagers whilst I was in Mahale recently and the item the community feels would be most beneficial to them is a house for another teacher-this will incentivise another teacher to come to this remote and beautiful place.

Our meeting with the village, Hassan Rashidi-front left- works as a chimpanzee tracker at Greystoke, Mahale and is the Nomad Trust representative. Hassan was born and brought up in Katumbi and is a fierce supporter of the village and the benefit of education.
Below: Hassan at Katumbi Primary school.

I look forward to the house being built, the villagers will contribute in anyway they can by volunteering their time, providing labor and bricks. This is hugely exciting as it will provide the villagers with ownership of the project.


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