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Teddy vs Emory

28 February 2019

Or, is it Pimu vs. Alofu?

Recently, there has been a very interesting development amongst the M-Community. Emory suddenly showed a lot of ambitions to move up the ranks. Mainly by flexing his muscles but also by forming important alliances he succeeded and is now competing with Teddy for being the number two.

Emory was known for his diminutive stature but now, at the age of 19, has grown into a big and strong chimp. Teddy still holds the position but Emory has came close. Emory has a huge advantage, his mother Effie is one of the if not THE most popular female in the group, and in order to please her the higher rank males are supporting her ambitious son.

Effie is a rather shy female and usually surrounded by a lot of admirers. Teddy doesn’t have this support, his mother passed away when he was a young child still. Teddy’s most powerful weapon however is his brain, he knows how to stay out of trouble and if it comes down to a showdown between just the two of them, Emory knows that he couldn’t stand a chance against Teddy.

Teddy is a favourite chimp amongst the guiding team for his kind and fair nature. Emory’s closest supporter is Michio, who himself became very strong over the last months. You can see the two of them walking together, flexed muscles and puffed up fur. However, if Michio is close to Teddy without Emory being around, he is very calm and does not dare to provoke Teddy even the slightest.

Michio likes to show of and intimidate others, usually it is quite noisy when he is around. Primus seems to be in trouble. He got in a fight with Emory a few days ago and got bitten on his arm. In return, he managed to bite Emory in the foot who seems to cope with the injury much better than Primus with his. Following this incident, Emory is walking around with his fur puffed up regardless if the Alpha Primus is close by or not, by this showing all the others that he does not care and has no respect for Primus anymore. Now, observing Emory and Teddy, their behaviour, body stature and facial expressions, it led us to believe that they are the offspring of the former kings of the community. Emory most likely is late Pimu´s son, the resemblance is becoming more and more obvious.

Emory on the left, Pimu on the right. Body size and shape, their facial expressions and behaviour are very similar. The pinkish face Emory inherited from his mother Effie. Teddy on the other hand reminds us a lot of Alofu, a very smart and beloved chimpanzee who shortly was holding the Alpha position himself after Pimu’s murder, and then helped Primus into the position of the Alpha. However, even with Primus being number one, Alofu still was the true leader of the group and very much respected by everyone. Teddy is showing very similar behaviour to Alofu, using his brain but if necessary also his muscles, eager to maintain peace in the group instead of starting riots and pulling of fights.

Alofu (left) and Teddy (right), both very popular especially amongst the females, due to their fairness and respectful behaviour The question now is, if Emory succeeds in pushing Primus down, will he be a dictator as his father was, ruling by violence and terror? And if so, will the story repeat itself with Teddy intervening and initiating a plan to overthrow him, like Alofu did with Pimu back in time? Watch this space...

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