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Teddy’s take over

23 November 2018

We haven’t seen Teddy in a while. Smart as he is, he stayed away from the group to avoid all the challenging that is going on.

Now he is back and suddenly seems to have a hard time. Today we saw him with a fresh wound and other males like Emory and Ichiro were challenging him, which they would only do if they consider him weak.

Primus should find reassurance in this as Teddy, being the number 2, was his biggest concern. Instead, also he is sitting in the corner licking his wounds and being very nervous. There is no time to rest, he is running around between the other chimps trying to make sure that they don’t work out a plot to overthrow his power.

Orion is secretly pant hooting at the sight of all these turbulences. Due to his violent behaviour nobody really likes him anymore, not the M-Community nor do we. Now he just leans back and enjoys seeing the celebrities of the group struggle and fighting each other.

The only one staying calm and confident is Bonobo. He knows his strength and being a wise chimp has no intentions intervening or participating in the whole power struggle.

Keep tight Teddy, your time will come!

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