The allure of rains

24 August 2011

Spectacular thunderstorms over the past 14 days have changed the Lamai Wedge and most of the northern Serengeti into solid green pastures. Unusual for the time of year, the rainfall and lightning has been so bountiful that it hasn’t gone unnoticed to the wildebeests that are close to the area.

Attracted by the promise of green grass the herds residing in the Masai Mara are now returning by the thousands. Adding more to their already vast numbers, they cross the Mara River in dramatic amounts, creating crossings so spectacular you will not believe your eyes!

So when Anicet, Jim & Barb drove out on their third full day game drive from Lamai Serengeti they were hoping but not expecting anything like this. Probably our most fortunate guests so far, they viewed a total of three massive crossings.

And with the numbers of animals heading for the greens, there might be a lot more to expected!

Photo’s courtesy of Anicet Philip and Jim & Barb Enarson

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