The big storm and a boat ride in Lake Tanganyika

24 January 2011

By Lazaro George, Guide - Greystoke Mahale

It is such as a nice season with enough rains which is raining all over in Mahale Mountains including lake Tanganyika from south to north. It was last week on 19-01-2011 the two guest who were Paul, Alexander, one of the Greystoke manager Kiri and I, we were out chimping at northern side of M community territory.

The heavy rain started when we were almost done with our time of observing chimps, it was real fascinating behavior to see a group of females with youngs run up on the tree with a good cover and make a temporarily day nest. Every one prepared rain coat to put on before fist drop. We took about five minutes viewing them in the rain. Three of them were just sitting bellow of the canopy waiting rain to stop while Gwekulo and Xantip were shaking the trees branches to worm up them self.

At the time we arrived at the lake shore the rain was steel on and they are lot of hens all over which ended us to not see even 100 meters away. That situation raise up the question, which direction are we heading?

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