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The birds and the bees

27 November 2015

The short rains are upon us and the Northern Serengeti is alive. The brown has turned green, which means lots of food and water for all.

Logically, when times are good one is inclined to relax and enjoy the moments. All too true in the animal kingdom – babies are everywhere and it seems the ‘birds and the bees’ have been busy. We have seen some pretty extraordinary sights over the last couple of weeks.

Traditionally this is a quieter time of year, however the little secret is that a safari in the low season is just as good as peak season, perhaps even better…We love it simply because fauna and flora abound and there are far fewer safari vehicles in the park, it’s like your own little private piece of paradise.

This year some wildebeest seem to have given up with migrating south, choosing to stay behind and enjoy nature’s bounty. Good for us! Camp is busy - with wildlife - and guests are returning from game drives with wide-eyed wonder, often seeing all of the big five.

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